4969.13 Receiver must petition for sale.

Before a sale under section 4969.12 of the Revised Code is ordered, the receiver shall file in the court his petition therefor, in which he shall set forth the names of the creditors of the company, with the sums due to each as nearly as can be ascertained, a statement of the company's assets, exclusive of its roadbed, rights of way, and franchises, and a pertinent description in general terms of the roadbed, right of way, and property so sought to be sold, and cause notice thereof to be published, for six consecutive weeks, in a newspaper published in and of general circulation in each of the counties in which any part of the roadbed is situated. Before the distribution of the proceeds of the sale any creditor may appear and set up his claim by answer, and have it determined by the court, if it is omitted from or inaccurately stated in the petition.

Effective Date: 10-07-1977 .