4971.01 Proceedings for reorganization.

When proceedings are pending in any court for the sale of the railroad of a railroad company, under a mortgage or deed of trust, and two thirds in interest of the creditors and two thirds in interest of the stockholders of the company agree, in writing, upon a plan for the readjustment or capitalization of the debt and stock of the company, the court shall render judgment against the company for the amount due and in arrear upon such securities. From the time of its rendition, such judgment is a lien on all the property embraced in such securities, and all the franchises and powers of the company, including its franchises to be and act as a corporation, conferred by the charter and the amendments to the charter of the company. Upon a sale had under such judgment, and a purchase at such sale by trustees, appointed by such agreement, on behalf of the parties to such agreement, all the property bound by the judgment, including such franchises, shall vest in such trustees. Such agreement shall provide that the unsecured debts of the company incurred for repairs or running expenses shall be paid in money or bonds of the reorganized company of the highest class issued. A copy of the agreement shall be filed in such court before the rendition of the judgment.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .