4971.09 Enforcement of lien.

In order to take advantage of section 4971.08 of the Revised Code, before the day fixed for the sale of the property of such railroad company under judgment or decree of foreclosure and sale, a party prosecuting an action referred to in such section shall file with the clerk of the court in which the judgment or decree was rendered, a notice in writing, setting forth the title of his action, the court in which it is pending, the amount of his claim, the date from which he claims interest thereon, the probable amount of costs, and that he claims the judgment sought by him to be recovered would, when obtained, become a lien prior in law or equity to the lien of the judgment or decree of foreclosure and sale. Before the day of sale, or at the time of such sale, he shall serve a certified copy of such notice upon the officer or other person making such sale. Prior to offering the property for sale, such officer or other person shall read such notice publicly at the time and place of sale, and with his return of sale, return the copy of notice with the indorsement of his proceedings under such notice upon it to the court.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .