4973.10 Engineers addicted to drink not to be employed.

No person or company operating a railroad in whole or in part in this state, directly or by or through a representative, shall knowingly suffer or permit a person to run or in any capacity to operate a railroad locomotive on any part of its railroad in this state who is intoxicated or in the habit of becoming intoxicated or knowingly continue the employment of a person in such capacity after he becomes or is intoxicated while in charge of such locomotive. For every violation of this section, the person or company operating such railroad shall forfeit to the state two hundred dollars to be recovered in its name in an action to be prosecuted in any county through which the railroad runs, by the prosecuting attorney of such county, who shall be entitled to twenty-five per cent of the recovery. The balance shall be paid into the county treasury.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .