4973.24 Conductor may eject passenger.

When a passenger is guilty of disorderly conduct, uses obscene language, or plays a game of cards or chance for money or other thing of value on a passenger train or the cars of an interurban railroad carrying passengers, the conductor of such train or cars shall stop his train or cars at the place where such offense is committed, or at the next stopping place for such train or cars and eject such passenger from the train or cars, using only such force as is necessary. The conductor may command the assistance of employees of the company, person, or firm owning or operating such railroad or interurban railroad and of the passengers on such train or cars, to assist in such removal. Before removing such passenger, the conductor shall tender to the passenger such proportion of the fare he paid as the distance he then is from the place to which he paid fare bears to the whole distance for which his fare is paid.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .