503.43 Application for permit to operate massage establishment.

If a board of township trustees has adopted a resolution under section 503.41 of the Revised Code, the application for a permit to operate a massage establishment shall be made to the board and shall include the following:

(A) An initial, nonrefundable filing fee of two hundred fifty dollars and an annual nonrefundable renewal fee of one hundred twenty-five dollars;

(B) A health and safety report of an inspection of the premises performed within thirty days of the application to determine compliance with applicable health and safety codes, which inspection appropriate state or local authorities acting pursuant to an agreement with the board shall perform;

(C) The full name and address of any person applying for a permit, including any partner or limited partner of a partnership applicant, any officer or director of a corporate applicant, and any stockholder holding more than two per cent of the stock of a corporate applicant, the date of birth and social security number of each individual, and the federal identification number of any partnership or corporation;

(D) Authorization for an investigation into the criminal record of any person applying for a permit;

(E) Any other information determined by the board to be necessary.

A permit issued under this section to a massage establishment shall expire one year after the date of issuance, except that no massage establishment shall be required to discontinue business because of the failure of the board to act on a renewal application filed in a timely manner and pending before the board on the expiration date of the establishment's permit. Each permit shall contain the name of the applicant, the address of the massage establishment, and the expiration date of the permit.

Effective Date: 06-03-1992 .