505.032 Powers and duties of township administrator.

The township administrator shall, under the direction of the board of township trustees:

(A) Assist in the administration, enforcement and execution of the policies and resolutions of the board;

(B) Supervise and direct the activities of the affairs of the divisions of township government under the control or jurisdiction of the board;

(C) Attend all meetings of the board at which his attendance is required by that body;

(D) Recommend measures for adoption to the board;

(E) Prepare and submit to the board such reports as are required by that body, or as he considers advisable;

(F) Keep the board fully advised on the financial conditions of the township, preparing and submitting a budget for the next fiscal year;

(G) Perform such additional duties as the board may determine by resolution.

The board of township trustees may assign to such township administrator any office, position, or duties under its control; such office, position, and duties to be performed under the direction and supervision of the board and to be in addition to those set forth in this section.

Effective Date: 07-21-1976 .