505.42 Fire equipment fund.

The proceeds of bonds issued under section 505.40 of the Revised Code, other than any premium and accrued interest which is credited to the sinking fund, shall be placed in the township treasury to the credit of a fund to be known as "the fire equipment fund." In the case of a joint fire district created under section 505.371 of the Revised Code, such proceeds shall be placed in the treasury of the joint fire district to the credit of the joint fire district fire equipment fund. Such fund shall be paid out on the order of the board of township trustees or, in the case of a joint fire district, the board of fire district trustees. Such board may enter into contracts for the purpose set forth in sections 505.37 to 505.42 of the Revised Code, subject to sections 731.14 to 731.16 of the Revised Code except as otherwise provided in sections 505.08 and 505.101 of the Revised Code.

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Effective Date: 08-23-1982 .