5101.66 Notice of petition.

Notice of a petition for the provision of court-ordered protective services as provided for in section 5101.65 of the Revised Code shall be personally served upon the adult who is the subject of the petition at least five working days prior to the date set for the hearing as provided in section 5101.67 of the Revised Code. Notice shall be given orally and in writing in language reasonably understandable to the adult. The notice shall include the names of all petitioners, the basis of the belief that protective services are needed, the rights of the adult in the court proceedings, and the consequences of a court order for protective services. The adult shall be informed of his right to counsel and his right to appointed counsel if he is indigent and if appointed counsel is requested. Written notice by certified mail shall also be given to the adult's guardian, legal counsel, caretaker, and spouse, if any, or if he has none of these, to his adult children or next of kin, if any, or to any other person as the court may require. The adult who is the subject of the petition may not waive notice as provided in this section.

Effective Date: 11-15-1981.