5103.0321 Duties of agency upon notice of conviction of certain offense by foster child.

On receipt of notice under section 5103.0319 of the Revised Code, the recommending agency shall do all of the following:

(A) Review the foster caregiver's foster home certificate. After review, the agency may recommend that the department of job and family services revoke the certificate.

(B) Review the placement in the foster home of any child of whom the agency has temporary, legal, or permanent custody. After review, the agency may, consistent with any juvenile court order, remove the child from the foster home in which the child is residing and place the child in another certified foster home.

(C) If the agency does not have temporary, legal, or permanent custody of a foster child residing in the foster home, notify the entity that has custody that it has received a notice under section 5103.0319 of the Revised Code.

(D) Assess the foster caregiver's need for training because of the conviction, plea of guilty, or adjudication described in section 5103.0319 of the Revised Code and provide any necessary training.

Effective Date: 10-05-2000.