5103.35 Training coordinator.

Each fiscal biennium, the department of job and family services shall contract with an entity to serve as the Ohio child welfare training program coordinator. The department shall select the entity with which to contract from the entities that submit a proposal that meets, as determined under section 5103.362 of the Revised Code, the requirements of the request for proposals issued under section 5103.36 of the Revised Code. The department may contract with the entity the department contracted with the previous fiscal biennium even though no request for proposals is issued if, as specified in section 5103.361 of the Revised Code, a request for proposals is not required for the upcoming fiscal biennium.

A contract entered into under this section shall be effective on the first day of the fiscal biennium for which it is entered into and terminate on the last day of that fiscal biennium. The contract shall require the coordinator to perform the duties specified in section 5103.37 of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 09-21-2006.