5107.711 Domestic violence screening process.

When utilizing the domestic violence screening process established in rules adopted under section 5107.05 of the Revised Code to identify members of assistance groups applying for and participating in Ohio works first who have been subjected to domestic violence, a county department of job and family services shall do both of the following:

(A) Where available, rely on records from any of the following:

(1) Police, courts, and other governmental entities;

(2) Shelters and legal, religious, medical, and other professionals from whom an assistance group member sought assistance in dealing with domestic violence;

(3) Other persons with knowledge of the domestic violence.

(B) Rely on an assistance group member's allegation of domestic violence unless the county department has an independent, reasonable basis to find the allegation not credible.

Effective Date: 2007 HB119 09-29-2007.