511.08 Petition to build memorial.

Whenever a petition is presented to the board of township trustees, signed by not less than fifteen per cent of the electors of the township as shown at the most recent general election held therein, requesting the submission to such electors of the question of issuing bonds in an amount not to exceed one hundred thousand dollars, for purchasing a site, if necessary, and erecting and furnishing a memorial building, or erecting and maintaining a suitable and appropriate monument, statue, or memorial to commemorate the services of the soldiers, sailors, and marines of such township, the board shall provide by resolution for the submission of such question to the electors as provided by section 133.18 of the Revised Code.

In case the petitions requesting the submission of such question are filed in two or more townships the total amount of bonds estimated for such purpose shall be divided among such townships in proportion to the tax valuation of each, as shown by its tax duplicate.

Effective Date: 08-22-1995 .