511.24 Appropriating land and materials for park purposes.

When the board of park commissioners cannot, by deed of gift or by purchase, procure the lands or materials desired for park purposes upon terms which it regards as reasonable, the board may appropriate such lands or materials for that purpose under sections 163.01 to 163.22 of the Revised Code. If it is desired at any time to acquire additional grounds for enlarging and improving such park or parks, the board may purchase, appropriate, or accept a deed of gift for such lands in the manner provided for by sections 511.18 to 511.23 of the Revised Code, and improve them.

The board may accept and receive from any school, college, or university located within its boundaries, funds, land, or property for use in the improvement, expansion, or construction of athletic fields, stadia, or recreational facilities located within said park grounds, and may, upon such terms, conditions, and for such periods of time as it deems advisable, enter into leasing agreements for the use of said athletic fields, stadia, or recreational facilities with those schools, colleges, or universities having contributed such funds, land, or property, provided that the facilities erected upon said park land shall become and remain public property and shall remain open for public use except for the regular admission charge or parking charge levied by such school, college, or university for entrance to an athletic contest or recreational event. Such leasing agreements may provide for the school, college, or university's exclusive use of the necessary portion of the property during the period of an athletic contest or recreational event. The construction on such a facility shall not commence until the board of park commissioners is assured that adequate funds for its completion are available. The terms of each such contribution of funds, land, or property and the terms of each leasing arrangement shall first be approved by the court of common pleas, or by the board of township trustees if the board of park commissioners is appointed by the board of township trustees, before the board of park commissioners may accept such contribution or enter into such leasing arrangement.

When gravel or other material is desired for the construction, improvement, or repair of the roadway or other improvement authorized by sections 511.18 to 511.31 of the Revised Code, the board may appropriate and take such material, and for this purpose such board may go outside the township.

Effective Date: 12-23-1986 .