5115.22 [Repealed Effective 12/31/2017] Change in recipient's eligibility for assistance.

(A) If a recipient of disability financial assistance , or an individual whose income and resources are included in determining the recipient's eligibility for the assistance, becomes possessed of resources or income in excess of the amount allowed to retain eligibility, or if other changes occur that affect the recipient's eligibility or need for assistance, the recipient shall notify the state or county department of job and family services within the time limits specified in rules adopted by the director of job and family services in accordance with section 111.15 of the Revised Code. Failure of a recipient to report possession of excess resources or income or a change affecting eligibility or need within those time limits shall be considered prima-facie evidence of intent to defraud under section 5115.23 of the Revised Code.

(B) As a condition of eligibility for disability financial assistance , and as a means of preventing or reducing the provision of assistance at public expense, each applicant for or recipient of the assistance shall make reasonable efforts to secure support from persons responsible for the applicant's or recipient's support, and from other sources, including any federal program designed to provide assistance to individuals with disabilities. The state or county department of job and family services may provide assistance to the applicant or recipient in securing other forms of financial assistance.

Repealed by 132nd General Assembly File No. TBD, HB 49, §105.01, eff. 12/31/2017.

Amended by 128th General AssemblyFile No.9, HB 1, §101.01, eff. 10/16/2009.

Effective Date: 06-26-2003 .