5122.14 Pre-hearing medical examination.

Immediately after acceptance of an affidavit required under section 5122.11 of the Revised Code, the court may appoint a psychiatrist, or a licensed clinical psychologist and a licensed physician to examine the respondent, and at the first hearing held pursuant to section 5122.141 of the Revised Code, such psychiatrist, or licensed clinical psychologist and licensed physician, shall report to the court his findings as to the mental condition of respondent, and his need for custody, care, or treatment in a mental hospital. The court may accept as evidence the written report of a psychiatrist, or the written report of a licensed clinical psychologist and a licensed physician, designated by the board of alcohol, drug addiction, and mental health services as the report and findings referred to in this section.

The examination, if possible, shall be held at a hospital or other medical facility, at the home of the respondent, or at any other suitable place least likely to have a harmful effect on the respondent's health.

The court shall prior to a hearing under section 5122.141 or 5122.15 of the Revised Code release a copy of the report to the respondent's counsel.

Effective Date: 10-10-1989.