5122.41 Transmission of court papers.

The court, upon making an order hospitalizing a person under this chapter, shall immediately transmit to the chief clinical officer of the hospital, copies, under his official seal, of court papers in the case, including the certificate of the medical witnesses and of his findings in the case.

Upon hospitalization, the chief clinical officer of the hospital to which the patient is admitted shall take possession of all money and other valuables that may be upon the person of the patient, and shall within ten days file a list thereof with the probate judge of the county of which the patient is a resident. If the amount of money is fifty dollars or less it shall be retained and expended by the chief clinical officer of the hospital for the benefit of the patient. Unless a guardian of the estate of the patient has already been appointed, the probate judge may, upon his own motion and without notice, appoint a special guardian of the estate of the patient. Any special guardian, before being appointed, shall file a bond approved by the probate judge in the same amount as is required by section 2109.04 of the Revised Code. A special guardian as provided for in this section, and while acting as such, shall be governed by all laws applicable to guardians of the estates of either minors or incompetents. The special guardian shall be allowed such compensation for his services as the court thinks reasonable, provided he forthwith performs all the duties incumbent upon him.

Effective Date: 07-01-1989.