5123.613 Subject of report or representative has right to report and related records.

(A) When a person who is the subject of a report under section 5123.61 of the Revised Code dies, the department of developmental disabilities or the county board of developmental disabilities, whichever is applicable, shall, on written request, provide to both of the following persons the report and any records relating to the report:

(1) If the report or records are necessary to administer the estate of the person who is the subject of the report, to the executor or administrator of the person's estate;

(2) To the guardian of the person who is the subject of the report or, if the individual had no guardian at the time of death, to a person in the first applicable of the following categories:

(a) The person's spouse;

(b) The person's children;

(c) The person's parents;

(d) The person's brothers or sisters;

(e) The person's uncles or aunts;

(f) The person's closest relative by blood or adoption;

(g) The person's closest relative by marriage.

(B) The department or county board shall provide the report and related records as required by this section not later than thirty days after receipt of the request.

Amended by 128th General Assemblych.28, SB 79, §1, eff. 10/6/2009.

Effective Date: 09-22-2000 .