5123.64 Enforcement duties.

(A) Every provider of services to persons with developmental disabilities shall establish policies and programs to ensure that all staff members are familiar with the rights enumerated in section 5123.62 of the Revised Code and observe those rights in their contacts with persons receiving services. Any policy, procedure, or rule of the provider that conflicts with any of the rights enumerated shall be null and void. Every provider shall establish written procedures for resolving complaints of violations of those rights. A copy of the procedures shall be provided to any person receiving services or to any parent, guardian, or advocate of a person receiving services.

(B) Any person with a developmental disability who believes that the person's rights as enumerated in section 5123.62 of the Revised Code have been violated may:

(1) Bring the violation to the attention of the provider for resolution;

(2) Report the violation to the department of developmental disabilities, the Ohio protection and advocacy system, or the appropriate county board of developmental disabilities;

(3) Take any other appropriate action to ensure compliance with sections 5123.61 to 5123.64 of the Revised Code, including the filing of a legal action to enforce rights or to recover damages for violation of rights.

Amended by 131st General Assembly File No. TBD, HB 158, §1, eff. 10/12/2016.

Amended by 129th General AssemblyFile No.28, HB 153, §120.20, eff. 10/1/2012.

Amended by 128th General Assemblych.28, SB 79, §1, eff. 10/6/2009.

Effective Date: 09-22-2000 .