5123.80 Trial visits.

(A) When the chief program director of an institution for persons with intellectual disabilities considers that it is in the best interest of a resident, the managing officer may permit the resident to leave the institution on a trial visit. The trial visit shall be for the period of time the managing officer determines.

(B) The managing officer, upon releasing a resident on trial visit, may impose such requirements and conditions upon the resident while the resident is absent from the institution as are consistent with the habilitation plan.

(C) The managing officer of the institution from which an involuntary resident is given trial visit status may at any time revoke the trial visit if there is reason to believe that it is in the best interests of the resident to be returned to the institution.

(D) If the revocation is not voluntarily complied with the managing officer, within five days, shall authorize any health or police officer, or sheriff to take the resident into custody and transport the resident to the institution.

(E) An involuntarily committed resident who has successfully completed one year of continuous trial visit shall be automatically discharged.

Amended by 131st General Assembly File No. TBD, HB 158, §1, eff. 10/12/2016.

Effective Date: 07-01-1997 .