5126.025 Time and term of appointment of members of board.

Except for members appointed under section 5126.027 of the Revised Code to fill a vacancy, members of a county board of developmental disabilities shall be appointed or reappointed not later than the last day of November, commence their terms on the date of the stated annual organizational meeting in the following January as provided under section 5126.029 of the Revised Code, and serve terms of four years. The membership of an individual appointed as an immediate family member of a recipient of services shall not be terminated because the services are no longer received.

Amended by 128th General Assemblych.127, SB 79, §2, eff. 10/6/2009.

Prior History: (Effective Date: 2005 SB10 09-05-2005; 2006 HB699 03-29-2007)