5147.22 Earnings of prisoners.

Except for prisoners participating in a county jail industry program established under section 5147.30 of the Revised Code, the board of county commissioners, or officer in charge of any workhouse or jail, shall place to the credit of each prisoner the amount of the prisoner's earnings that the board or officer considers equitable and just, taking into consideration the character of the prisoner, the nature of the crime for which he is imprisoned, and the prisoner's general deportment. The board or officer may cancel any portion of that credit for violation of the rules, want of propriety, or other misconduct. When such earnings are credited to any such prisoner and the prisoner has a child under the age of sixteen or a spouse, the board or officer in control of the workhouse or jail shall pay the earnings weekly to the person having custody of the child, to any incorporated humane society that will serve as trustees for the child without compensation, or to the spouse of the prisoner, as the board or officer determines. When the prisoner has no such child or spouse, the earnings shall be paid to the prisoner upon discharge.

Effective Date: 11-08-1990.