5153.41 Superintendent of home - bond - powers and duties.

The board of trustees of a district children's home shall appoint the superintendent thereof. Before entering upon his duties such superintendent shall give a bond to the board, in such sum as it fixes, with sufficient surety, conditioned upon the faithful performance of his duties and the full and faithful accounting of the funds and properties coming into his hands.

The superintendent shall appoint all employees, who, except for the superintendent, shall be in the classified civil service.

The superintendent, under the supervision and subject to the rules and regulations of the board, shall control, manage, operate, and have general charge of the home, and shall have the custody of its property, files, and records.

The children to be admitted for care in such home, the period during which they shall be cared for in the home, and the removal and transfer of children from such home shall be determined by the executive secretaries of the respective counties, subject to the terms of the agreement, surrender, or commitment respecting any particular child.

Effective Date: 09-14-1957.