5155.01 Contracts for new buildings and additions.

The board of county commissioners shall make all contracts for new buildings and for additions to existing buildings necessary for the county home, and shall prescribe rules for the management and good government of the home.

The superintendent or administrator may employ an administrative assistant and additional necessary personnel, at rates of wages to be fixed by the board of county commissioners, as may not be found available on the part of the residents of the facility. The superintendent or administrator and administrative assistant shall be removed if either of them requires or permits residents or employees to render services for the private interests of the superintendent or administrator, the administrative assistant, any member of the board of county commissioners, any private interest, or any member of the board of county hospital trustees if that board has entered into an agreement or otherwise has operational control as provided in section 5155.011 of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 05-13-1980; 04-29-2005 .