5155.16 Annual report.

The superintendent or administrator or, if operational control has been transferred to an operator under section 5155.011 of the Revised Code, the operator of the county home shall submit to the board of county commissioners an annual report. The report shall show all of the following:

(A) The number of residents at the beginning of the year, the number admitted during the year, the number born in the home, and the total number of resident days for the year;

(B) The number of residents discharged, the number of deaths, the number removed to other counties, states, and institutions during the year, and the number of residents remaining;

(C) The daily average census;

(D) The total current expenses for the year;

(E) The amount of salaries paid during the year to the superintendent or administrator and the administrative assistant, and the amount of wages paid other employees;

(F) Any other information the board or operator requires.

Effective Date: 05-13-1980; 04-29-2005.