5155.23 Possession of property of persons entering county homes.

When a person becomes a resident of a county home, and is possessed of or is the owner of property, real or personal, or has an interest in remainder, or is in any manner legally entitled to a gift, legacy, or bequest, the board of county commissioners or the superintendent or administrator of the county home shall seek to secure possession of such property by filing a petition in the probate court of the county in which the property is located, and the proceedings for sale, confirmation of sale, and execution of deed by such board or superintendent or administrator shall, in all respects, be conducted as provided by sections 2127.01 to 2127.43 of the Revised Code. The net proceeds of such sale shall be applied in whole or in part, under the special direction of the board or the superintendent or administrator to the maintenance of such person, so long as he remains a resident of a county home.

Effective Date: 05-13-1980.