517.28 Abandonment of cemetery owned by municipal corporation.

Where a cemetery is located outside a municipal corporation, and not further therefrom than one mile, and the title to and possession thereof is in such municipal corporation, or such cemetery is under the control of any of the authorities of a municipal corporation, and such municipal corporation has failed to protect or keep the cemetery enclosed with fences for two years, any five freeholders whose property is in the vicinity of such cemetery may apply, by petition, to the probate court of such county, stating in their petition that the municipal corporation has failed to protect such cemetery, and asking for its abandonment or removal. In such action the municipal corporation shall be made defendant and served with summons as in other actions. If it appears to the court upon final hearing, to be to the public interest to have such cemetery abandoned and removed, it shall so order.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .