519.03 Adoption of resolution of intention to proceed with township zoning.

Before availing itself of the powers conferred by section 519.02 of the Revised Code, the board of township trustees shall pass a resolution declaring its intention to proceed under sections 519.02 to 519.25 of the Revised Code. The board may act in the following manner:

(A) It may adopt such a resolution upon its own initiative.

(B) It shall adopt such a resolution if there is presented to it a petition, signed by a number of qualified voters residing in the unincorporated area of the township or part thereof to be included in the zoning plan equal to not less than eight per cent of the total vote cast for all candidates for governor in such area at the most recent general election at which a governor was elected, requesting the board to proceed with township zoning under such sections.

Effective Date: 08-22-1995 .