519.07 Proposed zoning resolution to county or regional planning commission - approval - public hearing if resolution disapproved - certification to township trustees.

Following the hearing provided for in section 519.06 of the Revised Code the township zoning commission shall submit the proposed zoning resolution, including text and maps, to the county or regional planning commission of the county or district in which the township is located, if there is such a commission, for approval, disapproval, or suggestions.

The approval of the planning commission shall be conclusively presumed unless, within twenty days after receiving the proposed zoning resolution, it notifies the zoning commission to the contrary.

In the event the planning commission disapproves of the proposed zoning resolution or suggests any material change, the zoning commission shall hold a public hearing on the resolution, due notice of which shall be given as provided in section 519.06 of the Revised Code. When the zoning commission has completed its recommendations for a zoning plan it shall certify the plan to the board of township trustees.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .