5303.11 Conduct of case.

For the trial of a question of fact remaining undisposed of, a jury shall be impaneled and sworn, and shall at once proceed to view the premises in question. After viewing the premises, the jury shall return to the courthouse and the trial shall proceed. After hearing the testimony produced by either party, the jury shall determine the rights of the parties under the direction of the court. From such view and the testimony, the jury shall ascertain and find in its verdict the reasonable value of permanent and valuable improvements made on the land previous to the occupying claimant's receipt of actual notice of the adverse claim of the plaintiff, the damages the land has sustained by waste, including the value of timber or other valuable material removed or destroyed, and the net annual value, rents, and profits of the land accruing after the occupying claimant received notice of claim by service of summons. The jury shall find the value of the land at the time the judgment was rendered with the improvements thereon, and its value without the improvements or damages sustained by waste, including the removal or destruction of the timber or other valuable material, and return its verdict in open court.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .