5303.21 Sale of entailed and other estates.

(A) In an action by the tenant in tail or for life, or in an action by the grantee or devisee of a qualified or conditional fee, or of any other qualified, conditional, or determinable interest, or in an action by a person claiming under such tenant, grantee, or devisee, or in an action by the trustee or beneficiaries, if the estate is held in trust, courts of common pleas may, subject to division (B) of this section, authorize the sale of any estate, whether it was created by will, deed, or contract, or came by descent, when satisfied that such sale would be for the benefit of the person holding the first and present estate, interest, or use, and do no substantial injury to the heirs in tail, or others in expectancy, succession, reversion, or remainder. This division does not extend to estates in dower.

(B) If an estate is held in trust and if the trustee is authorized by the trust instrument to sell real property, a court of common pleas shall not authorize the sale of the estate pursuant to division (A) of this section unless the trustee consents to the sale.

Effective Date: 10-14-1983 .