5303.211 Estate held in trust sale or lease.

Where the estate sought to be sold or leased is held in trust under the jurisdiction of a probate court, an action may be brought by the trustee in the probate court of the county in which he was appointed or in which the estate subject to sale or lease or any part thereof is situated; and the sale or lease of such estate may be authorized by such court which shall have the same jurisdiction and power as is provided for courts of common pleas in sections 5303.21 to 5303.31, inclusive, of the Revised Code.

If the action is brought in a county other than that in which the estate or a part thereof is situated, a certified transcript of the record of all proceedings had therein shall be filed with and recorded by the probate court of each county in which such estate or any part thereof is situated.

Effective Date: 08-10-1965 .