5303.28 Trustees for entailed estates.

The court of common pleas shall appoint competent trustees to invest and manage the money referred to in section 5303.27 of the Revised Code. Such trustees, from time to time, must report to the court their proceedings and the condition of the fund. The court shall require of such trustees security for the faithful discharge of their duties, from time to time may require additional security, remove them for cause or reasonable apprehension thereof, accept the resignation of a trustee, and fill a vacancy by a new appointment.

Where a trustee has been appointed and qualified in a court of probate all money arising from the sale of an estate described in section 5303.21 or 5303.211 of the Revised Code and from the notes given for the purchase money shall be ordered by the court authorizing such sale to be delivered to said trustee to be invested as provided by section 5303.27 of the Revised Code and the investment and management of such money shall thereafter be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of probate.

Effective Date: 09-09-1957 .