5303.29 Consolidation of actions or trusts.

Under the direction and approval of the court of common pleas, money arising from a sale of an estate described in section 5303.21 of the Revised Code, may be invested in bonds which are either a portion or the whole of an issue secured by a first mortgage or trust deed upon the real estate so sold, under such restrictions as the court prescribes, which investment must be reported to the court and be subject to its approval and confirmation. When parts of the same entailed estate have been or are sought to be sold in separate actions, the court may, before or after the sale in any action, or at any time during the continuance of the trusts, consolidate any two or more such actions or the trusts created thereunder. The court may make all orders and decrees necessary or proper to effect consolidation.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .