5305.11 Dower during pendency of petition.

When the commissioners provided for in section 5305.06 of the Revised Code have set off and assigned dower, they shall make a true appraisement of the yearly value, after deducting necessary expenses, of the real estate in which the surviving spouse is entitled to dower, estimating such value from the day of filing the petition for dower to the day of assigning dower, and return such appraisement and assignment. The court of common pleas shall adjudge the payment of one third of the whole sum so returned to the surviving spouse out of the real estate not covered by the dower, upon which judgment execution may issue. This section does not require execution to be issued against such of the defendants in dower as are minors. In such cases the dower shall operate as a lien upon the real estate, for their proportion of the judgment, until it is paid.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .