5305.18 Petition to discharge land of dower of incompetent person.

A person owning real property in this state, encumbered by the contingent or vested right of dower of an incompetent person, may apply, by petition to the court of common pleas of the county in which the real estate, or any part thereof, is situated, making defendants thereto such incompetent person, and the spouse and guardian, if such incompetent person has either or both, for leave to sell any part of such real property, discharged and unencumbered of such contingent or vested right of dower. The petition must set forth the grounds for the incompetency of the person, together with a description of the land proposed to be sold. Thereupon the court shall appoint a committee of six competent individuals, of whom at least three are physicians, who, under oath, shall inquire into the competence of such person, and hear testimony to be produced by the spouse or guardian, or, if there is no such guardian, by a guardian ad litem to be appointed in the action. The committee shall make a report, in writing, of the result of its investigation, signed by its members.

Effective Date: 08-06-1976; 2007 HB53 08-07-2007 .