5309.04 Examiners of titles - qualifications, bond, duties.

The court of common pleas in each county shall appoint, subject to removal at any time by said court, one or more examiners of titles, who shall be officers of the court and competent attorneys at law with skill and experience in the examination of titles to real estate. Each examiner, before entering on the discharge of his duties, shall give a bond payable to this state for the use of whom it may concern, in an amount and with such sureties as are approved by a judge of said court, but in no case less than one thousand nor more than ten thousand dollars, conditioned for the honest and faithful performance of his duties and the faithful accounting for and turning over all papers, documents, money, or property which may come into his possession by virtue of his appointment. Such bond shall be filed with the clerk of the court of common pleas and recorded and shall then be deposited with the county treasurer who shall receipt to the clerk therefor by indorsement on the record of such bond. Said examiners may administer oaths, take testimony and other evidence, and generally exercise all powers and perform and duties of masters of chancery. No examiner of titles shall in any way represent any party in interest in any matters in any way relating to proceedings to register title to land, or any interest therein, or lien or charge thereon, or in any suit or proceeding relating to registered land.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .