5309.05 Persons permitted to have title to land registered.

The persons who, singly or collectively, claim to own and to be seized of, or to have the power of appointing or disposing of, the legal or equitable estate in fee in and to the whole of any parcel of land, may personally or through an attorney in fact, authorized by an instrument signed, acknowledged, and recorded as a deed, have their title to that estate in that land, or the whole title to that land, registered in the county where the land is situated. A corporation may apply by its agent or attorney, authorized by vote of its board of directors, and any person under disability may apply by the person's legal guardian or trustee. All persons in whose behalf the application is made shall be named as the applicants or plaintiffs, except in cases mentioned in section 5309.66 of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 02-01-2002 .