5309.19 Order of default and decree of title and registration - final order.

If no person appears and answers or files other plea to an application in a land registration case within the time allowed, after the appointment of a guardian ad litem and the filing of an answer by him as required in section 5309.17 of the Revised Code, the probate court or the court of common pleas may upon motion of the applicant, no reason to the contrary appearing, order a general default to be recorded and the application to be taken for confessed and a decree to be entered confirming the title of the applicant and ordering registration of such title. The court shall in no case, either upon default or after a hearing, make a final order directing the registration of title to land until there is filed in the case the certificate of an examiner of titles to whom the matter shall be referred for that purpose, stating that all necessary and proper persons to a complete determination of the case have been made parties and properly brought before the court, and that the entry of such order would be correct. The court shall not be bound by the report of such examiner but may require further proof. By the description in the application and published notice, "all persons having any interest in or lien upon the land or any part thereof," all the world, except defendants personally served, shall be regarded as having been made parties defendant and properly served.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .