5309.21 Effect of decree dismissing application.

In a land registration case, if the probate court or the court of common pleas finds that the applicant does not have a title proper for registration, a decree shall be entered dismissing the application. Such decree may be ordered to be without prejudice, in whole or in part; but unless it is so ordered it shall bind the parties, their privies, and the land in respect to any issue of fact or law which has been tried and determined. The dismissal of the application of the plaintiff shall in no way affect any cross-petition filed in the case, but the issues raised by such cross-petition may be tried and determined by the court notwithstanding such dismissal, and all parties, their privies, and the land shall be bound by such determination. All statutes of limitation relating to the recovery of possession or title to any interest in land, or the enforcement of any lien or charge on such land, shall apply and be given effect only in favor of and against the applicant or plaintiff, in all actions or proceedings under sections 5309.02 to 5310.21, inclusive, of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .