5309.31 Lost or destroyed certificate of title.

If a duplicate certificate of title is lost or destroyed, the owner, together with other persons having knowledge of the circumstances, may make affidavit before the county recorder, stating the facts of the case, the names and residences of the registered owners, and such other matters that the recorder requires. If the recorder is satisfied as to the truth of such affidavit, and the bona fides of the transaction, he shall issue to the owner a certified copy of the original certificate, with the memorials and notations appearing upon the register, and shall note upon the register the fact, cause, and date of such issue, and shall also mark upon such certified copy "owner's certified copy issued in the place of lost (or destroyed, as the case may be) duplicate certificate." Such certified copy shall stand in the place of and have like effect as the missing certificate.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .