5309.34 Transferee of registered land not on notice or inquiry.

Except in case of fraud, and except as provided in sections 5309.02 to 5310.21, inclusive, of the Revised Code, no person taking a transfer of registered land, or any interest therein, or of any charge upon such land, from the registered owner, need inquire into the circumstances under which, or the consideration for which such owner or any previous registered owner was registered. Such transferee shall not be affected with notice, actual or constructive, of any unregistered trust, lien, claim, demand, or interest. The knowledge that any unregistered trust, lien, claim, demand, or interest is in existence shall not of itself be imputed to such transferee as fraud. No unregistered estate, interest, power, right, claim, contract, or trust shall prevail against the title of a registered owner taken bona fide for valuable consideration or of any person bona fide claiming through or under him.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .