5309.37 Transfers of registered land - certificate as to taxes and special assessments.

Transfers of registered land shall be made or entered in the office of the county auditor, subject to the same requirements and on payment of the same fees as provided by law for unregistered land.

Upon demand and upon payment of the fee provided in section 5310.15 of the Revised Code, at the time of issuing any certificate of title to registered land, or of making any transfer of registered land, or of entry upon the register of titles of any memorial of a mortgage or other lien on registered land, the county recorder shall examine the county treasurer's tax duplicates and issue a certificate as to the taxes and special assessments shown thereon to be a lien upon the premises registered in said certificate of title.

Such certificate as to taxes and special assessment shall show in whose name the premises are listed for taxation, the total sum due for taxes and special assessments, and what general taxes are a lien, as such items appear by the last treasurer's tax duplicate.

Such certificate as to taxes and special assessments shall be issued subject to special assessments which are not yet entered upon the last treasurer's tax duplicate, and subject to any additional sum which the treasurer is authorized to collect.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .