5309.38 Entry book.

Each county recorder shall keep an entry book in which the recorder shall enter and number in the order of their reception all deeds and other voluntary instruments, all involuntary instruments, and copies of writs or other papers that are filed with the recorder and that relate to registered land. Except as provided in section 5309.281 of the Revised Code, the recorder shall note in the entry book the year, month, day, hour, and minute of reception of all instruments or papers in the order in which they are received and shall enter at the same time the number of an instrument or paper in the appropriate blank space on the registered certificate of title for the land to which it relates. Except as provided in section 5309.281 of the Revised Code, the instruments and papers shall be regarded as registered and become effective for the purposes intended from the time they are so filed and noted, and certificates of title and the memorial of each instrument or paper when made on the registered certificate of title or duplicate certificate of title to which it relates shall bear the same date, except as provided in this chapter and Chapter 5310. of the Revised Code.

Every deed or other voluntary or involuntary instrument and every paper that is filed with the recorder shall be numbered and endorsed over the official signature of the recorder with the time of filing and, subject to section 5309.281 of the Revised Code, shall be entered and indexed with a reference to the proper certificate of title. All records, instruments, and papers relative to registered land in the office of the recorder shall be open to the public in the same manner as other public records, subject to reasonable regulations that the recorder makes under the direction of the probate court.

Effective Date: 03-30-1999 .