5309.42 Transfer of an estate less than a fee.

No new certificate of title shall be entered or issued upon any transfer of registered land which does not divest the title in fee from the registered owner or some one of the registered owners. When a registered owner desires to transfer to another a lesser estate than the fee, as an estate for life, for years, or other term, or any other kind of lesser estate than a fee, he may do so by executing to the transferee a deed, lease, or other proper instrument of conveyance or transfer of such estate, in any form authorized by law, giving the number of his certificate and other requirements of identification. When such transferee presents such deed, lease, or other instrument of transfer to the county recorder of the county where the land is situated, together with the owner's duplicate certificate of title, the recorder shall file such instrument and indorse thereon the exact time of such filing. If upon examination it appears to the recorder that the transferor is entitled to make such conveyance, the recorder shall register the same by indorsing upon the folium of the register where such title is registered and upon the duplicate certificate of title, a memorial of such transfer, giving the exact time of filing, name, residence, and post-office address of the transferee, nature and kind of estate transferred, and such other material matter as is contained in said instrument of transfer, and shall indorse on the instrument of transfer the volume and folium of the register where registered.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .