5309.49 Filing and notation of instruments affecting registered land.

When any mortgage, lease, or other instrument affecting registered land, or any interest therein, is in duplicate, triplicate, or more parts, only one of the parts need be filed and kept in the county recorder's office, but the recorder shall note upon the register whether such instrument is in duplicate, triplicate, or more parts, and shall mark upon such other parts "mortgagee's duplicate," "lessor's duplicate," "lessee's duplicate," "encumberer's duplicate," or as the case may be, and shall note upon such other parts the date of filing and the volume and folium of the register where the memorial is entered, and deliver such other parts to the persons entitled thereto.

Certified copies of all instruments which are filed and registered may be obtained at any time, upon the payment of the recorder's fees. A mortgagee may obtain a certified copy of the mortgage which shall have stamped or printed in large letters across its face "Mortgagee's Certified Copy of Mortgage." The issuance of such certified copy shall be noted on the registered memorial of the mortgage, which certified copy may be used by such mortgagee for all purposes of assignment and release for which the original mortgage could have been used if retained by him.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .