5309.50 Records in addition to registration.

The county recorder, upon the written request of a lessee, mortgagee, or encumbrancer, and payment of the proper fees, shall record the instrument filed in his office in volumes to be known respectively as "records of liens on registered land" and "record of leases on registered land," and shall note on such instrument and on the volume and folium of the register containing the certificate of title the fact of such record and the volume and page where recorded, with the exact time of such recording. The recorder shall deliver such instrument after such record and notation to the party named as mortgagee, lessee, or encumbrancer, and take his receipt therefor, with his residence and post-office address, which receipt shall either be written in or pasted or bound in a book kept for that purpose and properly indexed.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .