5309.58 Action or proceeding lis pendens.

No suit, action, or proceeding, pending in any court, affecting registered land or any interest therein or charge upon such land is lis pendens, or notice to any person dealing with such land, until a certificate of the pendency of such suit, bill, or proceeding, under the hand and official seal of the clerk of the court in which it is pending, is filed with the county recorder, and a memorial thereof entered by him upon the last registered certificate of title to the land to be affected. This section does not apply to attachment or other proceedings, in which the officer making the attachment or levy, under sections 5309.02 to 5310.21, inclusive, of the Revised Code, is required to file and has filed with the recorder a certificate of the things such officer has done under the writ in his hands.

When any suit, bill, or proceeding has been dismissed or otherwise disposed of, or any judgment, decree, or order has been satisfied, released, reversed, or modified, or any levy of execution, attachment, or other process has been released, discharged, or otherwise disposed of, the sheriff, or the clerk of the court in which such proceedings were pending or had, shall forthwith under his hand, and if the clerk, under the seal of the court, certify to and file with the recorder an instrument showing such discharge, release, dismissal, or final disposition. When such instrument is filed with him, the recorder shall enter a memorial thereof on the last registered certificate of title opposite or under the memorial registering such suit, bill, proceeding, or charge. The costs of such certificate and memorial shall be taxed as other costs in the case.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .