5309.61 Partition and sale confirmed only on report of examiner of titles.

In any suit or proceeding in any of the courts of record in this state in which registered land may be partitioned or sold, or the title to any part thereof, or to any interest in, or lien or charge upon such land may be transferred or affected by the orders or judgment of the court, no confirmation of such partition, sale, or transfer shall be made by the court, or decree settling or affecting title entered, until there is first filed in the case the report of an examiner of titles to whom the matter shall be referred by the court for that purpose, showing that all persons necessary to such suit or proceeding have been made parties and properly brought before the court and that the proceedings and sale have in all respects been regular and pursuant to law and the orders of the court. The court shall not be bound by the report of such examiner but may inquire into its correctness.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .