5309.65 Transfer of title by assignee or trustee - procedure.

Before an assignee or trustee for the benefit of creditors, receiver, master commissioner, special master commissioner, executor, or other person appointed by a court, shall deal with or transfer registered land, or any interest therein, such person shall file in the county recorder's office a certified copy of the deed, order of the court, will, or other authority showing the such person is authorized to deal with or transfer such land or interest, and shall present to the recorder the duplicate certificate of title for such land. The recorder shall enter upon the registered certificate and on the duplicate certificate of title, a memorial thereof, with a reference to such deed, order of the court, will, or other authority by its file number. In case of a deed of the land in fee simple to the assignee, receiver, or other officer, the recorder shall register the title in the name of such transferee and issue to him a certificate of title, stating therein the purpose for which the land was transferred to him.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .